Myrtle Beach Gun Show – 2016

here are the findings recommended you read We handed out numerous applications to extremely interested individuals. Answered questions concerning our flags, our history, and our objectives. We met a great bunch of people and not one word of sarcasm from any of the patrons.  We received great support from show attendees and a large number of items were sold. Proceeds will go toward the purchase of Southern Crosses of Honor and other materials for the care and upkeep of Confederate soldiers grave sites.


Gun Show 3

Mickey Shelley and Drew Blanton (Adjutant) manning the recruiting and merchandise booth during the January 30 – 31, 2016 Myrtle Beach Gun Show.

Gun Show 2

Austin Futrell (1st Lt. Commander) and Mickey Shelly displaying a D-Handle (cicca 1860) reproduction Bowie Knife.

Gun Show 1

Austin Futrell, our 1st Lt. Commander giving a Confederate Flag History lesson.

Gun Show 4

Pictured left to right are, past Camp Commander (and present Division QM) Eddie Pippin, Adjutant Drew Blanton, Past Adjutant Gary Ramsey and Chaplain John Fisher.

Gun Show 5

Pictured left to right:  Past Camp Commander (Present Division QM) – Eddie Pippin, Current Camp Commander – Rusty Baker, Past Camp Adjutant – Gary Ramsey, and Current Camp Adjutant – Drew Blanton.


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