Membership visit homepage Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Membership can be obtained through either direct or collateral family lines and kinship to a veteran must be documented genealogically. The minimum age for full membership is 12, but there is no minimum for Cadet Membership.

In order to read the following PDF Forms you will need to have or install  Adobe Reader

Research Sites:
Contact an SCV Genealogist For Your State
Sons of Confederate Veterans Confederate Graves Registry
Find A Grave.Com
Military History Online.Com (WBTS Section)

Download the form to your computer, complete the fillable form and print.  Send the application with accompanying documents and monies to the Camp Adjutant.  See CONTACT US

This is a form to assist you in documenting your genealogy connection with your Confederate Veteran ancestor.

Reinstatement Application
Please download this form to your computer and complete the form by hand.

Member Transfer
This is a form where you can transfer from another Camp to our Camp 1026 in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Complete the form and have your current Camp sign it and mail the form to our Adjutant.  See CONTACT US

SCV Dues
This is a breakdown of the National, South Carolina Division, and Camp 1026 dues.  Our dues run on a fiscal year running from August 1 to July 31 of each year.

Friends of the SCV Application (FOSCV)
This is a way to recognize persons who support the SCV, but do not meet the requirements for membership.  This type of membership is open to men and women.  For a minimum initial donation of $40, the “Friend” receives a nice certificate suitable for framing, a FOSCV lapel pin and a one-year subscription to the Confederate Veteran magazine.  Subsequent donations of $30 or more each year will maintain the CV subscription and friendship. Please note that “Friends” are not SCV members, may not exercise any rights of membership to include claiming to be members.

SCV Cadet Application
This option is open to all male members that are under the age of 12 years old.  The same restrictions apply as the full member status.  The cost is $10 a year payable to the National Sons of Confederate Veterans.  At this time there are no Division or Camp dues.

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