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This page contains editorials concerning the Flags of the Confederacy.  Disclaimer:  The SCV and SCV Camp 1026 may or may not support these editorials and the contents within.


The Flag
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This is an Official Press Release from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, South Carolina Division, Commander.  It is in reference to the upcoming event at the SC Statehouse on July 18th.


I have attached General Order No. 26, as issued by CinC Tad D. Campbell on June 25, 2015.  This order states the official position of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War with regard to the display of the Confederate Battle Flag.
Note the recommendation that all inquiries to brothers, camps, and departments should be referred, without further comment or elaboration, to the Order’s website where the official resolution may be read in its entirety.
Please ensure widest dissemination of this general order to all camps and brothers.
Alan L. Russ, PDC
National Secretary, SUVCW
P.O. Box 673
Saint Francis, Kansas  67756-0673
Phone:  (785)772-1958
Sons of Union Soldiers
lick on the above link to view their General Order No. 26



“The Confederate Memorial Flag did not cause the Charleston Massacre and has no relevance to this act of hatred.

Most folks attacking the Flag are not even SC citizens.  They came here to promote hatred, racism, and divisiveness rather than peace and unity as we do.

No acts of vandalism have been perpetrated on any African-American monuments in SC.  The Confederate Monument was defaced.  We will not stoop to such a cowardly act.

SC had both Black and White Confederate Soldiers.  SCV and the Flag honors all of them with no distinction.

We vote, so do our families, friends, and neighbors.

Call your representatives.  House lobby phone 803-734-2402 Senate lobby floor 803-212-6700.  A secretary will answer.  Tell her to get a message to your rep.  She will write message and give it to a page who will deliver to the floor.  Message should say I trust you will do what is right to protect SC heritage and history (use your own words).  We must flood them with our remarks.  We need to blow these phone lines up.

We must do this.  I know I can depend on you to do your part to save our ancestor’s flag

With respect,”

Leland SummersCommander
Sons of Confederate Veterans


Mychal Massie’s “The Daily Rant”

The ‘Confederate Flag’ Never Called Me a Nigger: But Blacks and Liberals Have

It’s interesting that liberals and Obama-lefties have little to say when the U.S. flag is trampled and burned by anti-American anarchists and Muslims. They call it “free speech” and “freedom of expression.” But they somehow justify condemnation of the Confederate Flag as a ‘hate symbol’.For millions, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of their love for the New South, which has risen out of the ashes of the Old South.The homosexual flag flies wherever it is wanted without a thought pursuant to how people who oppose homosexuality may feel or what they may think about it. Muslims are now flying their flags in America but it is the Confederate Flag that is worthy of condemnation.Mychal Massie riding a Harley with a Confederate Flag on his headFrom time to time I wear a confederate bandana on my head when I’m riding the Harley Davidson. My friends do the same.I add to that I have never feared the Confederate Flag. I have always been ambivalent about it. The Confederate Flag has never called me a nigger but white liberals have. The Confederate Flag has never threatened me with physical harm and called me sellout, Uncle Tom, or any of a host of other vitriolic racial pejoratives, but white liberals, Muslims, and blacks have.The attention to the Confederate Flag is much ado about nothing. It is intended to do nothing more than foment unrest amongst “led through the nose” blacks.When John Kerry, Eric Holder, Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton, the Obamas, et al, were burning and protesting the American Flag and defending those who decried our American Flag, their actions were viewed as noble.But now because some big pharma sick wacko punk who draped himself in the Confederate Flag was smart enough to go into a gun-free zone to carry out his hate-filled attack – pusillanimous little sissies craving brownie points have determined the Confederate Flag must be punished. The real debt of thanks for the successful attack in Charleston goes to those like Obama, Karl Rove, Eric Holder, and all of the other fools who clamor an anti-gun message. Because as every reasonable-minded person knows, had that church not been a gun free zone, the shooter would have in fact come to the right place to meet his maker.But now craven whites seeking to kiss the dirty end of those blacks who will milk this unimaginable tragedy for all they can extort, the Confederate Flag once again comes under attack. And of course, there are the garden variety of liberal dimwits who are convinced that the Confederate Flag goes “bump in the night”.If it were me, I would fly the Confederate Flag on my property just to shove it in their faces. I further think that the people of South Carolina should put Confederate Flags on the dashboard of their cars whenever parking on government property. I would also put my bible and my Gun Owners of America resources one the dash.I’d see just how far these cowards are willing to go to infringe on our rights. Let’s see if these race-mongers then insist our automobiles be disallowed from parking on government property if they have Confederate Flags, bibles, and gun magazines on our dashboards.

About Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives and a former member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. Read the entire Bio here



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