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Hell’s Angels members surround Lee Circle monument

November 10th 2016

Members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club went to Lee Circle and surrounded the Robert E. Lee monument Thursday.

The development came after New Orleans and other American cities were roiled by a wave of vandalism by those lashing out after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Protesters took to the streets again later that night, but in a much more peaceful manner.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison held a press conference hours earlier to detail the NOPD strategy for handling those protests.

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Protects Monuments


At Confederate convention, removal of flag is a battle cry, rather than a defeat

Thank you Nikki. You took an old flag that was all but forgotten. It had become the roof of a 69 Charger, a beer koozie design, a dusty bumper sticker, something barely noticed as it hung above a war memorial, and you restored it back to it’s original glory. Now it is once again a symbol of Rebellion and Southern Pride that you will notice now more than ever. Now! Now it is an ICON! Now we once again have our Battle Flag!

James Littleton
Sons and Daughter of Confederate Veterans


Passionate Confederate Ancestor Defends the Battle Flag on South Carolina State House Grounds.  H.K. Edgerton from Ashville, NC .


Statement from SC Division Commander

by Dean Stevens

Official statement from SC Division Commander

June 19, 2015

On the night of June 17, 2015, an attempt was made to break the spirit of all South Carolinians.

The deranged mind of a horrendous individual, entered Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, and took the lives of nine admirable individuals. This historic House of God became the scene of a brutal massacre beyond understanding. We all contemplate, why did this happen?

Perhaps this is a question that cannot be answered. What kind of a world are we leaving behind for our children, when you can’t go into God’s House without the threat of being gunned down? This is, in fact a crime of hate and an act of terrorism. It is reported that the culprit’s craving was to bring about “civil” war and division between Black and White citizens of the Palmetto State. This did not happen. We will not allow it to happen. South Carolinians will stand together hand in hand regardless of race, creed, or skin color to prevent it from happening. South Carolina will not cower to the evil deeds of one hateful being.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans extends our heartfelt sympathy to the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. We stand with the citizens of Charleston as they come together to mourn the loss of these beloved individuals. We pray that God will grant them comfort and peace during this time of despair. Emanuel Church proclaims compassion, peace, and justice throughout the historic Grand City of the South. This congregation stands for what is right and is a force against evil. Hatred has reared its ugly face in our country masquerading as political correctness. What God has ordained as righteous and just will always be righteous and just. What God has ordained as evil will always be evil. No man, government, or principality has authority to change the will of God.
Hatred is evil. Recent acts in Charleston are just plain evil. South Carolinians have chosen to defeat evil by offering love and support of each other, rather than disobedience, distrust and destruction. Disobedience and destruction only breeds yet more hatred and evil.

Historical fact shows there were Black Confederate soldiers. These brave men fought in the trenches beside their White brothers, all under the Confederate Battle Flag. This same Flag stands as a memorial to these soldiers on the grounds of the SC Statehouse today. The Sons of Confederate Veterans, a historical honor society, does not delineate which Confederate soldier we will remember or honor. We cherish and revere the memory of all Confederate veterans. None of them, Black or White, shall be forgotten.

The SC Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans has a stringently enforced Hate Policy. We will remove any member who expresses racist hatred sentiments. Anyone with ties to racist organizations will not be granted membership. The perpetrator of the vile act in Charleston has never been a member or associated with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Unfortunately some other subversive organizations distort Confederate symbols in an attempt to make them stand for hatred and disillusion. The SCV vehemently opposes the ideals and actions of such organizations.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans has both Black and White members. In our eyes there is no difference. Our membership is made up of descendants of Native-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Christians and Jewish who took a stand for the Cause they believed was right. The love and defense of the South’s symbols, culture, and heritage is not hate. It is knowing and understanding of the truth.

Not knowing your heritage is ignorance.

Our organization offers to everyone the opportunity to learn the true facts of the war fought on American soil between 1861-1865 and the heritage we value. That is why we exist. Our camps are listed on our website, http://www.scscv.com on our About Us Page. This is your invitation to attend any of our meetings.
It is shameful and disgraceful that other organizations chose to use this heinous act to promote their political agenda. Do not associate the cowardly actions of a racist to our Confederate Banner; for it is a Banner of honorable men, both Black and White.

There is absolutely no link between The Charleston Massacre and The Confederate Memorial Banner. Don’t try to create one.

S/T. Leland Summers
SC Division Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans




Union Navy Attack on Myrtle Beach

By Tom O’Dare tom.odare@myhorrynews.com |
Friday, April 11, 2014

A United States warship sat off the coast, preparing to launch an amphibious Marine assault against a vital enemy installation.

This scene has played out over and over throughout history and in many parts of the world.

But on April 23, 1864, the warship was the USS Ethan Allen and the target was a massive salt works at Singleton Swash located near what is now the Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach.

The next morning, the ship and its crew moved a couple of miles southward, destroying a smaller salt works at Withers Swash close to what is now the Family Kingdom Amusement Park.

This was a major blow to the salt supply for the Confederate states. And it’s a part of the Grand Strand history that many people have never heard of.

Local historian Ted Gragg said most people don’t realize the Myrtle Beach area and Horry County played a major role in South Carolina’s Civil War efforts.

“Many people think nobody lived around here during the Civil War, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Gragg said. “Many of Horry County’s finest young men went off to serve the Confederacy and some stayed behind for reasons such as supplying much needed salt to the South.”

In a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, the Ethan Allen’s commanding officer J. A. Pennell said he heard of the salt works while his ship was in Murrells Inlet.

Pennell said two escaped slaves that he had on board told of a salt works near Cane Patch, 12 miles north of Murrells Inlet. Gragg said the actual location is what is now called Singleton Swash.

At about 2 p.m. on April 23, Pennell anchored his ship just off shore at the swash. He then led a party of Marines ashore to find and destroy the salt works.

It turns out, Pennell’s prize was much bigger than he had imagined.

“On examination, we found the works much more extensive than I expected,” he wrote. “There were four separate works, each containing 12 large pans, the water being raised from the beach by horse-power, leading into a cistern large enough to contain one hundred thousand gallons, built of timber, planked and caulked on the inside.”

Pennell’s force found 30 buildings, including three warehouses containing 2,000 bushels of salt along with other supplies.

His men destroyed the buildings and the salt pans and then mixed the salt in with the sand on the beach, rendering it unusable.

Some historians think the lake on the 11th hole at The Dunes Club golf course was part of the original salt works complex.

At nine the next morning, the ship sailed south where they found a man waving a white handkerchief behind a house near the beach at Withers Swash. The man told the crew that the house contained a smaller salt works.

Two hours later, that structure had been destroyed and the ship set sail from the Grand Strand coast.

Gragg, who owns The Civil War Museum in Myrtle Beach, said the raid by the Ethan Allen was significant for a couple of reasons.

First, salt was a valuable commodity that had become scarce as the war dragged on and second because this was the first time that Marines had ever been deployed in an amphibious assault.

His museum has a display of salt works pans and shows on a small scale how the operation would have worked.



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